Taking Stock|| Myself Lately V




Myself Lately V

Hey there TBW readers, miss me? I missed you too. I’m sorry for leaving you for so long, it was just a much-needed break and my blog needed some upgrading. So I’m back with a taking stock post just so you know what I’ve been up to.

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Where did my Mojo go?

For a few days now I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog and noticed I actually haven’t written from my heart in a while. When I started The Black Writer, I wanted to be able to motivate and speak to my readers , I wanted to share my life with you and hoped it would be an example. Of course with a little bit of fun here and there. And now thinking back, since I started my final year I haven’t been able to do that. I don’t know if it’s the stress from school that’s distracting me or I’m just loosing it. 

School went on break for two weeks, I spent my break sleeping, eating and thinking. Oh yh!!! I got a lot of thinking done, not just about my blog but my life generally. For a long time I had been blind to a lot of truths, my judgements had been clouded and I had made decisions on wrong basis. 

I Talked to God a lot about all these feelings and I’m just gonna sit and watch Him take care of me. 

Soon I’ll start writing again and I can’t wait to share them with you. 

Kisses for you all💋💋. 

Outfit Details

Tank top: Mr Price 

Skirt : Gifted from my sister

And my make up was inspired by Ofure

Have you been reflecting about your life and the direction it’s going, your blog or your business? How’s that coming for you ? 

Have you seen 

My mid year bucket list
My Leibster Award post

Cut outs X Liebster Award 

Hello 😊 

Am I the only one who thinks the weather is under emotional stress, today it’s very hot and then it rains the next day. Reminds me of my kinda style. 

I don’t really fit into any particular style, I’m an all rounder. This month I’m into vintage, next month T shirts and blah blah but my rule is just to be comfortable. So this is what I wore to the last SociaLiga match day, a cut out tee because I though it was going to be sunny and hot. And….. No! It rained and at some point I was cold. My friend is really good at cut outs sometimes I think he’s Kanyes brother. He’s into everything cut out and tears, he hooked me up with mine and watch out for Bay Couture.

And yaaaayyyy I was nominated for The Leibster Award by Mirabel Osuji and Tokoni. The Leibster award recognizes up coming bloggers, and now I have to answer their questions and tag others too. 

So here we go!!! 

First, admire me 🙈

1. What inspired the start of your blog? / When did you start blogging? 

Ummmm I started the Blackwriter in February 2015!!! But I had a blog way back 2012 but as I grew older I evolved and started a new blog.  I talked about my inspiration and my blog journey Here so read up!!!!

2. Got any pet peeves? 
Ohhhh Yh!!! I’ve got so many. Dirty girls irritate me, fake friends are a no no! And people who act proud due to some privileges they have. Last but not least boys who do not fear God. 

3. What do you prefer for breakfast? 

Hmmmm I’ll love to wake up to some pancakes with syrup, a big bowl of bacon 💗, hot dogs, a bowl of seedless grapes, scrambled eggs and cup of coffee. 

4. If you were to visit two celebrities, who would the be? 

Beyonce and Rihanna 

Because huge fan! I’m a “BeyAnna” thing is my personality is a mixture of both. I’m this mature girl that has everything under control ( I like to think that) and at the same time I know how to go crazy and have my fun not caring about what people think. People think they know me, but nah!! They know only what I want them to know! 

5. What’s your best quote? 
Thing is I’m choleric, things are hardly constant with us. I don’t have any, I’ll make sure to put one in my next post if I remember. 

6. Who’s your favorite writer and why?
Hmmmm I don’t know, I just love writers that can make me create an actual scenario in my head while reading. Writers that can make me leave this world while reading their books. 

7. What country would you love to visit and why? 

Canada, because I miss Bae and I want to cuddle and you know.

8. If you were to stay at home all day what would you do? 

Hmmmm to start with, I’ll like to wake up to breakfast in bed followed by a really hot and steamy shower. Wear a big T shirt and socks, go to the kitchen and eat again ps. I’ll be on face time with bae while all this is happening. I’ll get to read and plan my blog, write new posts, make some changes, basically just work on my blog. Eat again, sleep watch a movie, face time, take pictures and sleep again. 

( this is what I’ve been doing all holiday) 

9. What movie have you seen that made you cry? 

I can’t even keep count anymore. Characters are in love I cry, somebody dies I cry, someone is being maltreated I cry. I cried when I watched lion king, finding nemo, the Martian, I cried at the end of captain America civil war. Do not watch a movie near me I’ll cry. 

10.What have you done that you wish you never did? 

I can’t tell you 

11.Do you consider yourself an extrovert or introvert?


12. If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?
This question is really common, and you hear a lot of people say they love themselves and wouldn’t want to change anything blah blah; I used to be in that Wagon. 

I know I’m awesome, but yes! There are things I’ll like to change. To start with I’ll change my skin to a tougher one, it’s way too sensitive. I react to everything from dust, to orange peels and blah blah. It’s very annoying treating skin issues every now and then. I’ll like to change my attitude, sometimes I could be an ass trust me, you don’t wanna know. I’ll also like to change my dentition, my roots are not so strong so sometimes it hurts and I had issues with my front teeth, I’m going to wear braces for that soon. 

13. How would you describe your personal style? 

Simple but classy with a lil bit of spice here and there. 

14. What’s your favorite time of day?

Im a night crawler. 

15. Do you ever get writers block, and how do you deal with it? 

Yes I do and at times like that I try not to force it. I just leave writing and blogging for a while and explore the world. Have fun and do things I love. I talk to God about it and just let go. 

16. What would be the first thing you’ll do if you won a lottery? 

Pay my tithe. 

Go on an adventure first, come back and plan what to do with the rest of the money. 

17. Which talent don’t you have, but want? 

I want to sing!!!!!!! 

18. What inspires new idea for your blog? 

This is gonna sound funny but my boyfriend. I get a lot of ideas when talking to him. Also just watching people and my everyday experiences. 

19. Three words that best describe you

Strongwilled, crazy and Kind. 

Ahhhhh that wasn’t easy. !!!!! 

So I nominate 

Davies of Lhurve Davies

Oyinda of HoneyRicci 

I know I’m supposed to nominate at least 5 but most of the bloggers I have in mind were already nominated. Please answer the same questions I answered. Can’t wait to read your answers. 

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Mid Year Bucket List 

Hello there my beautiful readers😊. 

It is my usual tradition to come up with a to-do list at the beginning of the year. I write all the adventures, places I want to visit and things I want to do. Anyways, this year I didn’t feel like it so I just stuck to writing my goals of which I had just one goal. 

This year has been a challenging one for me although I’ve been fighting my way through it. Things have happened that has made me change my perspective of life, change the way I see things, shift my focus and restrategize. 

When it dawned on me that half of the year was gone already I was like , Oh Wow! I haven’t even had serious fun!!!!!  I got inspired to come up with this, it’s never too late lol. 

Just because I like the picture 😬

Mid Year Bucket List!!

1. Go Kayaking

2. Go to Canada

3. Climb a rock / mountain

4. Visit a Cafe ( funny how I’ve never been to one) 

5. Go to an art Gallery 

6. Complete my relationship Challenge. Read about it Here and Here

7. Do a proper photography challenge for a month 

8. Visit an African Country ( Ghana excluded) 

9. Read 5 books ( small Yh, I have a long semester ahead. Best not to kid myself) 

10. Get a silk press ( time to show shrinkage who’s the boss) 

11. Tour around Nigeria (even though it’s just 3 states or 2 ) 

12. Go paint balling or fighting, or whatever it’s called. 

13. Have a restaurant tour for maybe 1 week. Sad how I haven’t really toured Lagos food culture and I’ve been here 5 years ( God will provide the money) 

14. Afropolitan Vibes!!!!!!!!! Yes, beat me. I haven’t attended any 😔😔

15. Have a party at an orphanage. 

16. Have a picnic with friends on the grass, eating sandwiches and stuff ( how????) 

Yo! So this is it for now, this list is subject to an update. If I think of doing anything else, I’ll include it😊

Because I’m so full of life😁😁. 

So which of these have you tried recently? I’m gonna need some partners oh. Can’t be doing all these on my own so hit me up if you’re interested in any. Please suggest places for me oh. 

Happy New Month!! X Weekend Recap

Happy New Month Guys!! I pray this month brings you good and beautiful things Only.

Half of the year is gone, yippppeee!!! And I can say that it was awesome. But this year is going by really fast sha oh! I haven’t had time to get it, but this week I’ll review my goals and restrategize if I have to. It’s never too late. I won’t stop trying to be the best version of myself which is my major goal this year. I talked about it Here 😊

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Beach Day Facial Routine

Hey guys, how’s everyone been doing?

The Lagos Sun has been terribly hot, I can’t even remember the last time I had make up on. I’m so excited, about to go for Waves by Socialiga. its a boat cruise/ beach house party and a way to relieve all the school pressure and tension.

With all this sun and heat I decided not to wear heavy make up because I sweat a lot, more than normal actually. So this is me sharing my face routine for my beach day because the face has to be fresh.

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Free The Nipple!!


One of the best feelings for me is taking my bra off after a long day. I really do not like wearing bras but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. We all grew up embracing the art of wearing them because we were told we had to; but lately the wearing of a bra has become overrated.

The “no bra” trend I think started last year with people like Kim and Rihanna being pioneers. I like to call this “The Free the Nipple Movement”. I started this year hoping to free the nipple more but my 36D cup just wouldn’t let me join the movement, how sad.

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Myself Lately III

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Heavy is the head that wears the crown

The past few months of my life is what I would call terribly hectic. I used to think I worked well under pressure but now mehn I love a stress free life. Anyway I was able to throw a bit of fun into it “I cannot come and die”

For a while now I’ve been struggling with myself, it felt like I was fighting a battle with me. Trying so hard to please myself and also not let down those that have put their trust in me. I’ve had to juggle being a leader, student, partner, friend and role model all at the same time. All these made me realize that you just have to find a center or a focal point, that thig that keeps you aligned and where you can always fall back to.

I’ve been pretty much up to the same things I mentioned in my last Myself Lately, they just got harder; Ehhhhnn and few additions here and there.

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