My Lagos : Golden Palm Resort & Hotel

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Golden Palm Resort & Hotel is indeed beautiful; as the name implies it is golden. Few weeks ago, I went there with my little nephews and cousins; it was so much fun. When I got the idea of starting the new series, I remembered I took a lot of pictures while I was there; I decided to make this my first post.
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My Lagos : Introductory Post


Hi guys,

I was going through Instagram and saw this picture; it gave me an idea to start two new series on the blog. Lagos is really a beautiful place and is more like a home to me now. I moved here four years ago and now, I don’t ever want to leave.
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How to hook up with that guy!

BoyGirlConsidering my last post, I bet you all would be thinking ” oh, she’s tryna hook up again!” nah.. I wrote this a long time ago. Reading my old blog, I stumbled on it and just thought I should share. Right now, in this state that I’m in, I wont advice any girl to try to force things, if he wants you he’ll come get you. Anyways read and enjoy.

Step 1, Choose and Assess the boy in question.

Every girl likes more than one guy; we can’t date them all so we have to choose. When choosing, you have to be sure the guy is proper boyfriend material. Your instinct has to tell you that he is going to like you. Be sure that he is someone you are ready to go all in with, someone that is worth your time. After you have done this, we move on to step 2.
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The Thing About Break Ups


Breaking up is really hard; don’t let them tell you otherwise. No one prepares you for this, no manuals are handed out, and you just get thrown into it. When it happened I never expected it (LOL). My friends were really quick to say “forget him”, “keep yourself busy “and “make new  friends at work”, trust me, it’s not as easy as it sounds. What they didn’t tell me is how horrible I would feel, how lonely I would get and how heartbroken I would be. I basically just became an emotional wreck. Days passed, weeks passed and I wasn’t getting any better so I ran off to Google, searching for articles that would help. I saw good stuff but I didn’t relate to any of them, so I just decided to do it my way. And I’m proud to say I’m a happy girl now, I still miss him and think of him sometimes but I feel good when I do. I don’t get all sad and teary; I’m at peace with myself now. I want to share the processes and stages I went through with the hope that it helps others that are facing the same thing.
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