Myself Lately II


I’ve been feeling really guilty for weeks now because I deprived you all of my awesome posts *winks* Mehn I’ve been busy!!!! Now I really admire people that blog, work and school at the same time, you guys are the real mvp’s

This is myself lately

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Noir et Rouge!! 

I’ve spent the past few days trying to revamp my blog, creating a niche for The Black Writer, putting together my posts and also trying to have fun while at it. I wasn’t going to post anything until I was ready but hey! I have a blog followership now ( is that what it’s called?) so I’ve gotta keep y’all happy ( you have no idea how excited I am)

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01-01 ….Happy New Year !! 

There’s something about this date that gets everyone on their feet. There’s this second chance feeling we all get, like we’ve been given a blank book to start all over again. There’s a lot of reassessment and cutting off going on; New year resolution lists everywhere, prayer and fasting going on.
With this date comes a lot of ” initial gra gra ” but oh well *sipping my tea* when I was younger I was so into new year resolutions. I would have a list so long that it would fill up a foolscap sheet, take it to church on the 31st pray over it and then burn it. ( I always had 2 copies). Funny thing is how just few months later I would have forgotten about everything. Things I said I’d stop doing, I’d still see myself doing them and blah blah blah.
These things didn’t work for me then because I was just following the crowd. All I could hear around me was new year… New beginnings and a lot of other stuff like that. Most of the goals I was setting then were just very unrealistic and unnecessary. A lot of things on my lists then wouldn’t even have bettered my life in any way.

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