The Slay Budgeter Haul X TSB Giveaway


Diary of a girl who loves to acquire make up but hardly uses it, that’s me!

One thing I like to do is buy make up and store them up in my box, it’s a really bad habit. I do this with the hope that one day I’ll learn professional make up.

Jeez I’m tired of answering the question, ” are you a make up artist? ” Anyone that walks into my room assumes i am, especially when they see the size of my make up box; anyways I’m used to it already.

Thing is I love make up but my daily routine is hostel-class-hostel, occasionally I hang out with my friends. I don’t really feel comfortable wearing make up to class so a lot of people that see me hardly see make up on, hence the surprise when they see my collection.

Few weeks ago I entered for a giveaway by BeatbyNay and Sandra Uche both make up artists and it was sponsored by The Slay Budgeter, I won yaay!! Few days later I decided to try The Slay Budgeter and bought myself a Colour Pop Satin Lip stain which I’m totally in love with.


PS. There’s a giveaway on her instagram page, all the make up lovers should totally check it out.


BH cosmetics eye shadow

Real Techniques Brush


Colour pop ultra satin lip stain


And my beauty blender


Are you a make up hoarder like me? Do you have any of these products and what do you think ? 

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8 thoughts on “The Slay Budgeter Haul X TSB Giveaway

  1. lol i’m not a makeup hoarder, probably because i’m not a makeup freak or maybe because they are not really necessities for me right now. But that doesn’t mean i’ll reject it if i’m given…

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  2. Make ups are to “Make up for short falls” why make up where there’s perfection??? No room for making up in the hall of perfection. I guess that’s the logic. I kindda have the theory that U may be passionate about trying to make those who are less fortunate as U as regards beauty feel better about themselves. My take: as long as U can fund it, keep collecting…


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