Happy New Month!! X Weekend Recap

Happy New Month Guys!! I pray this month brings you good and beautiful things Only.

Half of the year is gone, yippppeee!!! And I can say that it was awesome. But this year is going by really fast sha oh! I haven’t had time to get it, but this week I’ll review my goals and restrategize if I have to. It’s never too late. I won’t stop trying to be the best version of myself which is my major goal this year. I talked about it Here 😊

It’s never too late for a weekend Recap, it was a really long and fun weekend. On Friday I finally saw Captain America Civil War and that movie is awesome. Spider man was just my favorite, how he was just having fun and didn’t care; reminds me of me :D. Finally satisfied my Sweet Kiwi Cravings and had the best breakfast in a while, sadly I don’t have pictures of it.  PS. I have a new love for loose dresses, I’m all about comfort now.

Saturday was Socialiga and to be honest it was my best Socialiga event because I had so much fun, ate a lot and took so many pictures. And Yh my team Saints! Won their match

Sunday was wedding day! I tied gele for the first time and I looked like a proper Iyawo. Ahhhh that wedding was lit.

*ignore my ugly bunk, hostel life*

Sadly I didn’t take a full picture

On Monday I worked on my Project and slept, just a chilled day.

Peep my new hair : Kivanna Beauty Krotchet twists.

Sunglasses from @PoshKollect

Socialiga photos @LadiSays 

Hope your weekend went well and was fun. Wishing you a happy New Month.


4 thoughts on “Happy New Month!! X Weekend Recap

  1. All i know is that i miss you…good to know you’re having so much fun. And that sweet kiwi place reminds me of Jenifa’s diary. Great post, i love the Socialiga photos xx


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