Nappy Diaries : My Products



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With Natural hair, there are a lot of do’s and don’ts, a lot of products that basically do the same thing and this urge to always do more for our hair. The natural hair movement has become a culture and now there’s a lot of information everywhere. I used to spend hours just reading natural hair sites and some natural hair online shops and wishing I had a lot of money to buy everything. I was talking to a natural hair consultant (yes they exist) and she likened the hair to our skin, using a lot of products on your skin at the same time would lead to bad breakouts. Applying different products will just leave the hair confused and damaged.

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Nappy Diaries: The Journey…

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My natural hair journey began in July 2013, but my hair is kind of short compared to some naturals with just a year’s journey. When I started there was not nearly as much information about going natural as there is now.  This decision was as a result of my hair constantly breaking; the relaxers burnt my scalp and left me with injuries. I tried different brands hoping one of them would work but I was just making matters worse. When the burns became unbearable I just stopped and decided to let my hair rest from the harsh chemicals.
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