Beach Day Facial Routine

Hey guys, how’s everyone been doing?

The Lagos Sun has been terribly hot, I can’t even remember the last time I had make up on. I’m so excited, about to go for Waves by Socialiga. its a boat cruise/ beach house party and a way to relieve all the school pressure and tension.

With all this sun and heat I decided not to wear heavy make up because I sweat a lot, more than normal actually. So this is me sharing my face routine for my beach day because the face has to be fresh.

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Free The Nipple!!


One of the best feelings for me is taking my bra off after a long day. I really do not like wearing bras but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. We all grew up embracing the art of wearing them because we were told we had to; but lately the wearing of a bra has become overrated.

The “no bra” trend I think started last year with people like Kim and Rihanna being pioneers. I like to call this “The Free the Nipple Movement”. I started this year hoping to free the nipple more but my 36D cup just wouldn’t let me join the movement, how sad.

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Myself Lately III

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Heavy is the head that wears the crown

The past few months of my life is what I would call terribly hectic. I used to think I worked well under pressure but now mehn I love a stress free life. Anyway I was able to throw a bit of fun into it “I cannot come and die”

For a while now I’ve been struggling with myself, it felt like I was fighting a battle with me. Trying so hard to please myself and also not let down those that have put their trust in me. I’ve had to juggle being a leader, student, partner, friend and role model all at the same time. All these made me realize that you just have to find a center or a focal point, that thig that keeps you aligned and where you can always fall back to.

I’ve been pretty much up to the same things I mentioned in my last Myself Lately, they just got harder; Ehhhhnn and few additions here and there.

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My Yellow Boxes

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Last year I wanted to start a “broke girls guide” to help students like me on a budget. The broke there doesn’t actually mean we are broke in the general sense. Broke to me is when you take out money to meet a “want” from your account and the account actually feels it. LOL. This idea has been sitting in my old blog journal, but thanks to my new blog planner and a little I inspiration form Mirabelle’s Frugal Fashion (it’s totally awesome, check it out here)

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Happy Birthday Mummy!


Today is all about my mummy, it’s her birthday today. I’m pretty excited, love my mummy too much and I am so glad to have her as my mother.

For years now, my mother has been my hero, my best friend, my pillar of support and my rock. Growing up as the last child I grew so fond of her, I was nicknamed “handbag” and “last card”.

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Relationship Challenge Update I

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Relationship Challenge

Some weeks ago, I talked about my relationship challenge, if you missed it you can view it HERE. The aim of this challenge was to build communication with my boyfriend; I don’t even know if I should call him that or partner because he’s actually more than a boyfriend.

The past few weeks have actually been very annoying, we have fought more than ever and it actually put a strain in the relationship. When we started dating everything was rosy, I was at home, had all the time on my hands and no stress. We used to talk for long hours over the phone, see every weekend, send pictures to each other, it was just really cool.

After the Christmas holiday, I got back to Lagos, school work set in and everything just changed. The long hours turned to 5 mins, I hardly sent pictures, was always tired after class. There were a lot of challenges with my resumption and I basically just got too busy for him. When the fights had gone on for too long, I just knew I had to do something because I didn’t want my past mistakes to occur again. Things are actually changing but before I lose focus, this post is about my relationship update, I’ll talk about the relationship challenges and how I’m working on them in another post. It’ll be a kind of follow up post to my the thing about break ups

Now the relationship challenge update…

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